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How Renewable Energy can change the Energy security policies?

Fuente: Renewable energy sources will change energy security policies by Vahid Nasiri

Source: Renewable energy sources will change energy security policies by Vahid Nasiri

By Vahid Nasiri (Turkey)

Increasing usage rate of energy along with fast growing pace of technology and human needs bring countries to consider and form energy supply policies. These factors have presented the “Energy Security” concept that is being defined in different ways, but as a common definition it is sustainable availability of energy sources at a reasonable price. Energy security policies deals with two main categories as short-term and long-term theories. Long-term policy is based on well-timed plan along with economical, industrial development and environmental factors, on the other hand short-term is involved with unforeseen energy demands.

Sustainability and affordable price aspects are indispensable factors for the energy security. Sustainability means providing energy in a regular amount as what has been foreseen and affordable refers to the price of the energy. Therefore for the countries that import oil or other kind of fossil fuels from producer countries, there is a pressure on them to revise their international relationship with the producer countries in the case of having more guaranty for these two factor. As the consequence of dependency on geopolitical relationship, the foreign policy is always a problematic issue for policy makers. The price of the energy also directly has impact on the living expenses and prices inside the target countries. It rises the competition for having safer and cheap energy and push the countries in complex policies. It also cause for some fatal wars in the case of attacking terrorist groups for having access to the energy sources, consequently brings up serious problems for countries and the region.

Renewable energy sources has been existing since earth creation and are being used in different forms; despite of environmental aspects and depleting of the conventional sources that brought us for replacing existing sources with sustainable and clean energies, energy security also has important effect on increasing rate of investment on these sources. It makes sense to produce energy inside the country without being related to foreign suppliers. These sources have satisfying sustainability because of renewability nature of them, the investment prices had been blamed to be comparatively higher than conventional technologies but new development has made this sources with similar and in some cases lower than corresponding fossil fuels technologies.

It can be conclude that with flourishing much more applicable renewable energy technologies, the countries with unsufficient energy sources will tend to produce most of their energy demand by domestic power plants (renewable energies such as photovoltaic, wind and hydraulic power plants). This situation will change geopolitical relations especially in the Middle East where the most dominant oil producers exist. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq will face contrasting polices from neighboring countries or allies and this will push them to change the strategies of trading, defense and security. The terroristic attacks on fossil fuel sources expected to become less in this region where the prices for oil is will supposed to be decreased.

**Vahid Nasiri:  Es Ingeniero Mecánico especializado en Energías Renovables por la Universidad de Hacettepe (Turquía). Actualmente desarrolla su actividad investigadora a cargo del departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica de dicha Universidad. Entre los idiomas que habla con fluidez se encuentra el persa y azarí, ambas lenguas maternas, inglés, turco y árabe.

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